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Question Paper 2018
AE: Aerospace Engineering GG: Geology and Geophysics
AG: Agricultural Engineering IN: Instrumentation Engineering
AR: Architecture and Planning MA: Mathematics
BT: Biotechnology ME: Mechanical Engineering ( ME01 ME02 )
CE: Civil Engineering ( CE01 CE02 ) MN: Mining Engineering
CH: Chemical Engineering MT: Metallurgical Engineering
CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology ( CS ) PE: Petroleum Engineering
CY: Chemistry PH: Physics
EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. (EC ) PI: Production and Industrial Engineering
EE: Electrical Engineering ( EE ) TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science
EY: Ecology and Evolution XE: Engineering Sciences (XE-A , XE-B , XE-C , XE-D, XE-E, XE-F, XE-G, XE-H )
XL: Life Sciences ( XL-P, XL-Q , XL-R , XL-S , XL-T , XL-U )